The Bilu 1-3 conservation project combines a modern living experience with historic
architecture in the bustling heart of Tel Aviv. Located at the corner of Shenkin and
The prestigious Bilu Street, the area is adorned with beautifully preserved buildings. This 5-story Bauhaus building offers a variety of 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments, mini penthouses, and penthouses. Residents will enjoy a luxurious lounge for hosting friends and family, and for work meetings, as well as a dedicated and advanced fitness room.

A joint venture of Boulevard and White City Group in urban renewal.
Boulevard is a specialized group dedicated to luxury projects in Tel Aviv, envisioning a future where the city sets new standards in urban revitalization
WCG has been operating for over 20 years in Tel Aviv and is a pioneer in the field of building
preservation. The company is responsible for dozens of urban renewal projects.
The collaboration between these companies brings architectural harmony, creating a groundbreaking connection between preserving the past, improving the present, and planning inspiring spaces.


Bar Orian Architects


Bar Orian Architects

The unceasing pursuit of perfection led to a unique collaboration with one of Tel Aviv’s architectural icons, Bar Orian Architects. With over 30 years of experience,
they have left an iconic mark on many buildings and luxury projects throughout Tel Aviv, with attention to detail and meticulous planning for a unique living experience.


David Levental Architects

David Levental Architects offer a comprehensive design strategy, from meticulous planning with great attention to detail and a unique approach to design that combines architecture, interior design, and styling, specializing in exclusive projects.


David Levental Architects


The Bauhaus building for preservation is located at 1-3 Bilu Street, corner of Shenkin.
Bilu Street, prestigious throughout its length, integrates unique buildings designated for preservation and combines architectural history with innovative and modern construction based on ultimate comfort and quality of life.

The Apartments

The project includes the following
apartment formats:

2-Bedroom Apartments | Floors 3-4

Spacious 2-bedroom apartments meticulously planned, with expansive kitchen/living
spaces, double bathrooms, and floor-to-ceiling windows with internal blinds. Highest
finish standards and parking space.
*Each apartment features a protected residential space

3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom Apartments | Floors 3-4

Spacious 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments with optimal interior design, a
master suite designed for perfect privacy, highest finish standards, and parking
*Each apartment features a protected residential space

Mini Penthouses, 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom | Floor 3

Super large apartments, choice of wide balcony or huge terrace. Highest finish standards. Two parking spaces.
*Each apartment features a protected residential space

Penthouses, 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom | Floor 5

2-3 master bedrooms in each penthouse, huge balconies, upper roof attachment,
super high specifications. Two parking spaces.
*Each apartment features a protected residential space





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